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July 8, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                        "I love this product. I bought them for weight training (bodybuilding lifts such as bent-over rows, pullups, mainly heavy back movements where grip assistance is needed) and have since transitioned them to use in Crossfit. Specifically they have helped with any hanging movements where I need to kip. The difference is night-and-day. I've had them close to a year with 6 months of Crossfit on them and they're still going strong." - Gary Davidson - Little Rock, AR

June 30, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                      "I have grip problems, and so I can't lift heavy on back days, and some shoulder, leg and arm lifts are more difficult. WIth these gloves I can lift SO MUCH MORE WEIGHT because they bypass my hand strength, or lack thereof. It's awesome. I feel like I can blow through this weight plateau and move along in my training. LOVE them, and they're PIIINK!!!" - Jenn - La Jolla, CA

June 28, 2013                                                                                                                                                                             "These things are a plus to any person who lifts heavy weight. They take wrist support to a whole new level. Would recommend to anyone that lifts often." - Jeremy

June 23, 2013 "I am from Singapore hence was rather reluctant to spend so much just on the shipping of this product but how am I glad I did. Fast and easy to use. I feel it gives a better grip compared to normal lifting straps and provides wrist support and padding for bench as well. Worth the price and wait." - Jerry Lee - Singapore

May 26, 2013                                                                                                                                                                "Recommended by my trainer, this product is great! Easy to use and very well made, worth every penny. I really enjoy how it speeds up my training and enables me to lift heavy more easily, also to concentrate on the target muscles." - Paul M. Lindsay - Davis, CA

May 23, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                        "I have tried plenty of other straps/hooks and was about to buy another $20 pair when I realized why not give these a try. I wish I would have done so earlier. I call these a game changer because in short, by the time you hit the 1.5 hour mark on pull days your grip is usually shot and unable to keep up with your strength. However with the versa gripps, you still have plenty of gripping power left. These should easily get you 3-4 more reps at the end of each set, which as every bodybuilder knows is where the most gains are made. Additionally it will extend your functional strength about 30 minute, allowing you to perform big lifts even at the end of your workout."

May 22, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                        "I am a professional athlete and have used countless straps and hooks. Versa Gripps are by far the best on the best on the market. The non-slip surface and single wrap strap make it fast and easy to get the wrist/grip support needed. They last a long time (about 2 years with 5-6 day/week use). I do recommend getting the little protective bag with them...helps protect them and increase the life of them. I have also found a damp rag will keep the straps clean and a small dab of anti-bacterial gel on the wrist pads keep them fresh! GREAT product!!" - Jason C. Powell - Natural Athlete

April 1, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                      "Yeah, these are relatively expensive.... BUT I LOVE THEM! Workouts are so much better. I can transition through super-sets so much more quickly with these...I have a reconstructed right elbow which I cannot straighten out fully nor can I rotate it completely (I realistically only have about 20% functional rotation... I cannot turn my palm towards the ceiling). There are only a couple things I find difficult to perform while training. One is a reverse grip - bent over row. I can only get my two smallest fingers to grip the bar during the row. With the Versa Gripps Pro, THAT'S ALL I NEED to keep the heavy bar in my hand." - Michael W. Carter -  Denver, CO

February 25, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                  "I participated in Olympic Power-lifting for four years in High School, Trained with D-1 Football Coaches, and trained in the military for 10 years. These grips are excellent for all muslce groups but earn double their due on "Back Day". Any pull or row is made to save your fore-arms from tiring and your hands from slipping. My back muscles have never been so defined as they are now since I have been able to better target them with these grips...They are also a must for pull ups or any type of clean and dead-lift. They are by far the easiest grips to use, and also the most time efficient when using them. As a fitness enthusiast, they were worth every penny for me." - Caleb H. 

February 8, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                  "These are by far the best pair of gloves/ straps I have ever owned. I have these for almost two years and they are still going strong. I LOVE THESE things!" - Tyrone

September 3, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                "I struggle with tendinitis from my shoulders to my fingers on both arms. I have not let this stop me from working out, but it does hinder how much I can lift and cause me great pain while I lift. I received these grips 1 month ago and they are amazing. I use them on every exercise that would have me use my hands. The stress that is taken off from gripping weights has given my arms and hands a new life." - Destiny L. Keeler - Vancouver,WA

September 11, 2011                                                                                                                                                                              "Awesome product, Wonderful service, First class strap folks. I have endless good things to say about this product, I have added more inches to my BICEP since I bought the VERSA GRIPPS PRO. Whao!!! AWESOME stuff, I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER STRAP EVER. This VERSA GRIPPS is the KING OF ALL WEIGHT-LIFTING STRAPS.If you've ever driven a ROLLS-ROYCE OR A BENTLEY you'll never want to drive anything else, THATS THE FEEL I GET WITH MY VERSA GRIPPS GUYS!" - DPOP

May 30, 2011
"Excellent!!! The only problem is they are constantly being stolen. I am a competitive bodybuilder and NPC title holder - and I love these grips and have been using them for years. I have a trigger finger in my left hand which can be painful - the versa gripps enable me to keep lifting. But watch out for your versa gripps, they tend to "disappear" when you leave them unguarded in the gym. I recommend using the pro line for serious lifters, I think they are worth the extra $12" - NYC Muscle

March 3, 2011
"Great product! This product works great. It makes doing pullups easier on your grip and allows you to do more reps and really work the muscles you're trying to work." - Meman

December 30, 2010
"Best lifting straps ever! My husband has been using Versagripps for years & it was time for
a new pair. He tried other lifting straps in the past and Versagripps are by far the best." - V. Sanchez

September 21, 2010
"Versa Gripps are incredible! I highly recommend these. I have used canvas-type straps in the past and these are far superior. When lifting heavy, it feels like you are using your own muscles, but are now much stronger. I am now able to use weights I could not before because of my grip giving out before I finished my set. These are worth the money. Make sure you get the right size, though. I can see where that would make a difference."

August 13, 2010
'Never used versa gripps during very heavy deadlifts before, but I tried them yesterday and they totally saved my hands.. awesome stuff!!
" - Christy Pickens

August 13, 2010
'I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I absolutely love your versa gripps. I've been training with versa gripps since about 05 I am currently on my third pair and contribute alot of my trap and back growth to being able to go heavier on all of my pulling movements. They've been a staple in my training regimen for
about 5 years and I won't deter from them anytime soon. Thank you for making such a great product!"
- Brandon Funderburgh - Tyler, TX

August 7, 2010
"Got my new versa gripps and mannnn, i dont know why i didnt get them before!!!
" - Kiyoshi Moody

July 27, 2010
"Thanks for all the supports, and helps. sending me Versa Grips, which is what i use for my daily workout. it's the best grips, and I love it.!!!
- Silvio Samuel, IfBB Pro-Bodybuilder

June 15, 2010
'Versa Gripps are the best workout gloves i ever used before,very good for heavy lifting. Thanks Versa Gripps Company for making these gloves!!
" - Anthony Boozer

June 3, 2010
"I LOVE the PRO Versa Grip..I wouldn't train without my pair :) Thank you Versa Grip! Verse Grip is TEAM GST'S #1 CHOICE when it comes to wraps!!! Everyone should be using them, from beginners to competitors! I have my other Personal training clients use them as well!!!
" - Gretchen Crass

May 17, 2010
"You guys make the absolute best weight lifting straps around. I've seen similar knock offs and they are just not the same. I'm on my second pair of Versa Gripps in 13 years, and that's only because my first pair was stolen a few years back. Unbelievable product, worth every single penny. I remember 13 years ago my ...db rows went from 100lbs per arm to 150's in a matter of a couple months using your straps. Thanks!
" - Jay Michel

May 13, 2010
"Hello :) This is Pauliina Talus, IFBB Pro. Want to say, I LOVE my Grips! Can highly recommend this product to each and every one who lifts. This product will protect developing any types of problems (no strain or pulling in wrist) and of course, allows to focus the main thing, lifting and enjoying the results! Brillian...t from you guys! Thank you and wish you the very best success!!" - Pauliina xoxo

May 9, 2010
I just received my GRIPPS!! WOW!!!!
Where have these been all my life?!!?
If you are thinking about buy these Gripps, Do yourself a favor and GO FOR IT!!
They are awesome!
" - Jeff Taormina

May 6, 2010
"I forgot my versa gripps one time and almost cried. It's such a step down in intensity without them!
" - Josh Hyaduck

May 6, 2010
"I tell everyone to buy Versa Gripps!! You dont know what trainging really is like until you train with Versa Gripps! So whoever reads this, I ONLY support REAL legit companies!!
" - Brent Allen

May 2, 2010
"Thank you guys! Bought my V'gripps over a year ago and they are THE best supplement to my training ever! Thanks for a great product. " - Luke Griffin

April 26, 2010
"Awesome grips! I borrow my boyfriend's when I have to do squats and they rock! kudos!" - Oliya Melnichuk

April 9,2010
"Yes sir! No slips when I got on my Versa Gripps!" - Steven Chip

April 8, 2010
"I owe a year of working on some killer lats to Versa Gripps!!!" - Julia Wold

March 17, 2010
"Thank you Versa Gripps for such an excellent product - I love my Versa Gripps - I can certainly lift heavier for an awesome workout. - xoxo Celia Mireles-Cadena

March 11, 2010
"My pleasure to help introduce people to the one product that will forever change the quality of their workouts!!! Versa Gripps are a MUST!" - Brenda Rahe

February 7, 2010
"I NEVER train back without my Versa Gripps!!!" - Tami Cook

February 4, 2010
"I bought my first pair of Versa Gripps three years ago. They have stuck with me through thick and thin, and four different fitness clubs. I still have them in my locker and my clients just love to borrow them." - Sincerely, Arthur Weinstein - Personal Trainer

January 4, 2010
"I would like to thank you for restoring my faith in humanity! Finally - a product that lives up to its "hype". Seriously, I am extremely pleased with the comfort and ease of use of the Vera Gripps Pro. I use them for high rep deadlifts with 495lbs - it's a new feeling to be confident and secure with not even the slightest slipping of my grip - and no after pain in my thumbs and wrists from straps. The ease of use and time saved is remarkable! Thanks again. - Eli H.

December 18, 2009
"There really is a Versa Gripps cult, isn't there."

Decemer 13, 2009
"I have been using Versa Gripps for about 10 or 11 years now. Definitely blows straps away." - Nick

Decemer 10, 2009
"Last spring, I finished my collegiate career as an athlete at the Division 1 NCAA level. This past semester, I found a new passion -- bodybuilding! It has given me a way to relieve stress, relax my mind, and build confidence that helps me succeed in the daily challenges that we all experience. I just recently bought my first pair of Versa Gripps Pro Series, and after one back workout, I decided to never train without them! I found that they allowed me to lift more weight and for more reps than I had all semester. When I use to typically fail at 6-8 reps, I was doing 20-30 pounds heavier for 10-12 reps using my Versa Gripps. They have allowed me to keep better form, lift heavier weights, and for more reps than I had all semester. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that is so beneficial to anyone who wants to get the most out of their training!" - Jeremy

November 11, 2009
Dear Versa Gripps,
My name is Randy Herrera. In 1988 I had an accident. I got my arm pinched off between a piece of equipment and the ground. The equipment was on a crane. While I was reaching under it the cable snapped. I spent six weeks the first time in the hospital. I had to sign paperwork for the first six surgeries giving them permission to remove my arm. With many miracles taking place, they saved my arm. For the next two years I had 18 more surgeries. At the end of two years I have a artery from my leg in my arm, rods down the center of both bones, bone from both hips, muscle and skin from my back, skin from the front and side of my thigh. I know it must sound like it looks bad but it looks really good after all. My main problem is before my accident I weighed 195 and worked out all the time. The doctor said me being in such good shape saved my arm. My brother got me up and working out as soon as I could. I am missing some muscle in my forearm and when I make a fist my hand rolls upward. Not being able to pull has made it hard to get bigger. I think it was in 2002 that I found Versa Gripps in a magazine. I bought a pair and my life has changed ever since. When I left the hospital I weighed 132, at 6'3" I looked horrible. Now I weigh 225 with a 8% body fat. Versa Gripps has been a godsend for me. I am 50 now and my family says I look 35. Thanks so much! I will continue to buy Versa Gripps forever!

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