sSeptember 16, 2008
Versa Gripps Pro-Series

Best grips by far that I've ever used. Easy on and off. Superior grip strength. - Barbara Traverso "befit"

sJune 27, 2008
This is my second pair of Versa Gripps, very highly recommended. My first pair lasted 3+ years. I have been working out for many years and have tried various other products but nothing comes close to these. The feel is perfect, they don't get in the way if you switch to an exercise that doesn't need them and they're easy to get on and take off.

sMay 06, 2008

I bought and the received Versa Gripps Pro Series last week. These are simply a great product. During the first few days I have added 20pounds to my dead lift, 20 pounds to my upright rows, and 10 pounds to my dumbbell shrugs. The grip is very comfortable and I can concentrate on the Lift versus the Grip. I go through a lot of lifting gloves over the course of a year and these are really well made and durable. It is nice not having to bring gloves and lifting straps to the gym since Versa Gripps do the job of both. The open design is great for maintaining comfort with freedom of movement. Simply a great product!
Michael (Portland, OR)

sMay 04, 2008

Hi, my name is Megan Gregory. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you THANK YOU for your AMAZING PRODUCT. I attended a FEM CAMP by Monica Brant a year ago and we were gifted with a pair of Vera Grips. I had never used anything like these before. Well, now I would NEVER train without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my Versa Gripps in the gym about a week ago........and I have been LOST without them. - Megan

sMarch 01, 2008
Hey just wanted to say my Versa Gripps Pro are one of the best investments I've made in my weight lifting equipment arsenal! I use them ALL THE TIME! And they are lasting the test of time. These things appear to be indestructible!!And, congratulations on the Page 200/201 Joel Stubbs photo's of the #3 "Best back" in the current issue of Flex magazine! Way to go with the promotion on a guy who beat Lee Haney out as having a better back! And, proud to see my same Versa Gripps on Joel's wrists! Thanks again - Steve

September 14, 2007
Hello. I wanted to leave you an unsolicited testimonial about your products. I bought a pair of Versa Gripps a few years ago, primarily because I have had multiple shoulder surgeries and have an arthritic thumb from an old fracture that make it a challenge to do some types of heavy exercise. They have worked great. They are still not worn out. But, I have gotten in such great condition that I am doing lots of pull-ups to strengthen my Lats, and I wanted the Pro model because it is better for gripping the pull-up bars that are wider than a standard barbell. I used your product during my transformation challenge in the Body for Life contest in 2006, and it helped tremendously. I won my age group category, and I am the 2006 Body for Life, Men's Over 50 champion.

Thanks for a great product.
Michael Harris

5 star ratingJuly 08, 2007
Received my winning gloves recently and they are Superb, Thank you so much for your generosity. I will definitely be recommending your gloves to fellow trainers.

In good health,

5 star ratingApril 14, 2005
Hey Willa.
Yeah, I was the guy who was with a friend of mine (Jacky) who lost hers at the expo, and you guys were nice enough to give her another pair. We spoke at the hotel at breakfast. I bought the Pro, and can't keep the guys from taking them from me when I wear them.

Thanks again.

5 star ratingApril 02, 2005
Thank you for making the best wrist and palm protection for me and others. They have helped me push & pull more weight than before, I will promote your product by buying all my muscle head friends the grips. - Elana

5 star ratingMarch 10, 2005
To be honest....I love these things! A few of my friends from the gym asked what they were and I had them try it out. THEY were impressed! I'm tellin ya, dead lifts have never been easier. Straps cut the circulation off and bite into my wrists so I always hated using them. I was able to go heavier with the Gripps than I was with straps. I am VERY pleased with your Versa Gripps and will be recommending them to quite a few people. - Craig

5 star ratingJanuary 25, 2005
Thanks again for your kind cooperation, and the great product. With Best Wishes - Daniel

5 star rating January 23, 2005
I just wanted to let you know you have the best grips I have ever used, I look forward to seeing new products from you in the future. I picked up your grips at the Arnold Classic in 04. They were PERFECT! I just lost them so I'm getting new ones. Thanks - Lars

5 star rating October 04, 2004
Hey Versa Gripps, thank you very much for the fast service. I got my gripps on Friday. I will use them today for my back workouts. And I won't forget them at the gym this time. - Ace Mahalo

5 star ratingJuly 04, 2004
I am a big fan of your product. I use Versa Gripps exclusively in my training program. Recently, I pulled 1015lbs at a sanctioned North American Strongman Society contest, in the 18" dead lift. - Mike Nease

5 star ratingOctober 13, 2003
Hey Mike...
After we spoke on the phone I tried using chalk. It worked great - I am now very impressed with how the grips are performing. I also noticed that I was cinching the grips around my wrist too tight. This was limiting the amount of material available for going around the bar. I loosened the Velcro and it made a big difference. My lifts are solid again and the poundage's are back up without the killing my wrists from conventional straps.

Thanks for your help
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