Versa Gripps for Rehabilitation

Dear Versa Gripps,
My name is Randy Herrera. In 1988 I had an accident. I got my arm pinched off between a crane and the ground. By miracles taking place, they were able to save my arm. For the next two years I had 18 more surgeries. At the end of two years I have a artery from my leg in my arm, rods down the center of both bones, bone from both hips, muscle and skin from my back, skin from the front and side of my thigh. My main problem is before my accident I weighed 195 and worked out all the time. The doctor said me being in such good shape saved my arm. My brother got me up and working out as soon as I could. I am missing some muscle in my forearm and when I make a fist my hand rolls upward. Not being able to pull has made it hard to get bigger. It was in 2002 that I found Versa Gripps in a magazine. I bought a pair and my life has changed ever since. When I left the hospital I weighed 132, at 6'3" I looked horrible. Now I weigh 225 with a 8% body fat. Versa Gripps has been a godsend for me. I am 50 now and my family says I look 35. Thanks so much! I will continue to buy Versa Gripps forever!  - Randy Herrera